Monday, May 07, 2007

Craft a Story or Craft a Craft?

My oldest son is a sixth grader and has been studying the 60's in America. His class has been reading lots of stories about racial segregation, marches, very important speeches and some very troubling times.

His latest assignment was to either write a bibliography about a person who lived through the 1960's or create a God's Eye. He's been writing LOTS of papers lately, so he chose the craft project. (The boy takes after his dad, doesn't he?).

Here's a link to help you create your own God's eye. We used two dowel rods and three skeins of yarn. (We have quite a bit of yarn left over for other projects - woo hoo!!)

Here are some photos of our project:

[God's Eye -- 50% Complete]

[God's Eye -- Finished!]

[God's Eye -- Proud Owner Displays his Finished Project]

And in other craft news, here's a project I managed to eek out while I was home with a sick kiddo last Wednesday. My little guy camped out on mom and dad's bed while I traced, cut and sewed up a couple bibs (they each need a snap, but otherwise they are d-o-n-e. I found the fabric at WalMart. One of the bibs is a birthday gift for a curly-haired cousin, the other is for sale in my Etsy shop. You choose: snap or Velcro™

[Front and back views of the bibs.]

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