Monday, October 19, 2009

See what happens when you get REALLY busy???

You keep thinking, "'s been forever since I've written a blog post."

Yes, it bothers me that a whole month goes by without a post.  There's tons of stuff I could tell you, but to have the time to sit down and DO IT.  That's the problem.  After all, TIME is a four-letter word.  Some days it ranks right up there with the "S" word and on REALLY bad days, it's comes close to the dreaded "F" word.

But hey, enough of the self-pity ranting already.

Behind the Eight Ball!

The past several weekends have been filled with Saturday Band invitationals and contests.  Mr. Teenager's band is on its way to Semi-State this coming weekend.  Congratulations to him and the rest of the Blazer Brigade.  They have done a fantastic job this season.  Braving the cold, rain and wind...they are fantastic!  We've been dropping Nate off at the high school at about noon and then driving to various performance sites.  Crafty Mom, Little Guy and I have driven to Lafayette,  and Ft. Wayne (twice) Indiana to cheer them on.  Their performance times have been late in the evening and we don't get back home until well after midnight.'s a long day for everyone.

On top of that, Matt (my Little Guy) has been in YMCA Soccer and has soccer meets on Saturday too.  We've been stretched a bit thin trying to make it to both boys' events.'s been somewhat wacky the past few weekends.  Oh, and we had to bring the golf cart home from the lake.  And...we had to 'close up' the park model for the winter.  And. (yes there's more) Nate called me from school last week.  He said he did something to his neck and he couldn't move his head.  Great!  Crafty Mom and I high-tailed it school to see what happened.  Seems the 70 pounds of books that he's been carrying around in his backpack (every day since the beginning of school) has taken a toll.  Crafty Mom took him to the doctor.  A pulled muscle for sure.  Rest and some muscle relaxers were ordered.  And...he had to miss a few band practices, much to his dismay.

Soccer is over now so we will have a little breathing room this weekend.  The band travels to Indianapolis to perform in the ISSMA Semi-State contest.  Yes...we're headed south.    We're planning to plan our schedule so we can take in a bit of shopping while we're there.  It's been a while since we've been to a Trader's that's No. 1 on our list if we have time.  Too bad they don't have one are here.  [Note to self:  You would think with the University of Notre Dame here in South Bend, they would have a TJ's.]

So....what's up with you?