Sunday, August 06, 2000


Here are some random facts about Crafty Dad:

I am the oldest of three children (I have a brother and a sister).
My mom passed away in 1995 from complications of colon cancer (she was only 53).
I miss her very, very much.
At college, I was elected Student Body President two years in a row.
I swear I'm ADD -- so many thoughts fly through my mind...can't seem to focus on things...I suffer from craft-of-the-month syndrome. (Anyone else have this condition?)
I seem to have a lot of orange and green t-shirts.
My favorite color is green.
My birthday is October 22.
I'm a Libra.
I enjoy public speaking.
I was in all the plays and musicals during college.
I was in NONE of the plays and musicals in high school.
College was a good thing for me.
I have a BS degree in Organization Management.
I thought I would grow up to be an advertising executive and live in Chicago.
My college room mate almost choked to death on iced tea ... all over some funny thing I said.
I have a HUGE sense of humor.
I have a passion for old sewing machines.
My wife is not happy about my passion for old sewing machines.
I would love to be a SAHD (stay-at-home-dad).
I love tomatoes.
I once put too much salt on my dinner (at a restaurant) and had to be rushed to the emergency room because I broke out in hives.
I like salt.
I like cloth napkins better than paper ones.
I dislike paper plates.
I enjoy shopping at thrift stores.
I love books.
I love my library.
I spend too much money on Ebay and Etsy.
I love to take pictures.
I love spending time at the lake.
I enjoy classical musical and some (most?) indie music.
I do NOT like rap music.
I enjoy blogging.
I enjoy reading other blogs.
I need to lose some weight.
I am on the NutriSystem diet plan right now (Aug, 2009)
I would like to weigh 175 pounds.
I have quite a ways to go to meet my goal.
I am optimistic.
I like to 'pay it forward'.
I enjoy building people up.
I think a smile is one of the nicest things you can give someone.
I say 'hello' to people I don't know.
I don't care what they think.
I can crochet.
I can't quite get the knack of knitting.
I am impatient (very impatient).
I love Cape Cod and Nantucket Island in particular.