Monday, August 14, 2006

WIP Photos from Friday and The Weekend Update

Some WIP photos from Friday.

**Country-time bib. It's looking good. Needs top-stiched and either a snap or some hook-and-loop. I'm thinking snap.

**WeeWonderful bunny. Still needs a face. But wanted to show you how he/she looks so far.

Another whirlwind weekend has whizzed by. Let’s recap the activities:

Friday night - Son No. 1 had a friend over for dinner. After dinner we piled in the mini-van and headed off to Target. Being the pack-rat that I am, I have run out of places to stash my stash. Target had some storage containers on sale and I wanted to get some before the college kids bought them all. I was a little disappointed in the selection, but did find a wide three-drawer model on wheels that will work nicely with the narrow three-drawer model I already have. I also bought a “yarn-tainer”. If you haven’t seen them, you need to take a look. It’s a clear plastic container with a snap-on lid. The lid has a hole in it for your yarn. You pop open the lid, drop in a skein/ball of yarn, thread the yarn through the hole in the top and voila: yarn management for less than five bucks! Get one! Of course I had to it out so I stayed up til midnight and crocheted Son No. 2 a camouflage water bottle cover. (He loves it! And carried it with him all day on Saturday.)

Saturday – spent the morning and part of the afternoon (perfect weather) at the 44th Annual Amish Acres Arts & Crafts Festival in Nappanee, IN. Lots of crafty things to look at and spend your money on. We munched on kettle corn while we watched a marionette puppet show (Rumpelstilzkin). The boys ended up with PVC bow and arrows and the wife and I bought a cute sign to hang on the patio fence. We also had a nice lunch and a some fun “family-time”. Makes me smile.

Saturday – part two. Oh Lord! There’s a new pet store in town and the boys have been pleading with us to get them a bunny. So…we caved in and bought them each a bunny rabbit (they are cute) and a cage, and a water bottle, and some bedding, and some Timothy hay, and a food dish, and a salt block. (Are you getting the picture?). Average lifespan of these floppy-ear characters is between 7-10 years. Did we make a huge mistake? Stay tuned.

Sunday – breakfast, bunny time and then off to the lake. It was another perfect day and we took advantage of it. We had a great picnic lunch, went swimming, relaxed on the deck, and later on, ran into town for an ice cream treat. Sunday night was carry-out pizza and more bunny time. The boys took the bunnies out on the patio for some exercise. It’s hard not to like the little critters.

So…how was YOUR weekend?

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hi Mike I just came across your blog and I love it, it really made my day!!!