Wednesday, August 16, 2006

First Day of School!

School started today. I have mixed emotions about the day. I'll share them with you soon. Gotta run!

Updated 8-17-06: So...where did the summer go? The boys' last day of school was June 8 and they had to go back today. It just isn't right. I can remember when summer vacation seemed to last forever. Back in the old days, I spent the day playing outside from morning til my dad whistled for me to come home. There were bike rides, games of 'kick the can', playing GI Joe in the neighbor's sandbox. I made tree forts in the woods and over the creek that ran behind our house. I played with the kids next door and ate popcorn and drank kool-aid. There were the overnight trips to my grandparent's house. Sometimes my grandpa would take me to work with him. He was a livestock buyer for a meat processing plant. I won't make you turn green with all the details, but it was really cool -- seriously! There were times that I got to go along with him to livestock auctions. A truly unique experience that I will remember forever.

Ah yes, summer vacation. Can you remember?

Back on task: I am very proud of my boys -- first grade and sixth grade. I wish them a wonderful year. Love ya guys!

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