Monday, November 10, 2008

Wow! An Actual CRAFT Project

Yesterday was Hannah's 11th birthday party.

My latest craft project.
The Cricut and I had fun with this one!

Some scrapbook paper, cardstock, a few white buttons
and a little bit of pink thread turned into a fun project

And...(I didn't tell you, but last month, on the 22nd, was MY birthday) I used my new toy (cough, cough, I mean TOOL) to help me create a birthday card. Yep, I bought a Cricut and I LOVE it. What a fantastic little machine.

Hannah is a big, big fan on Hannah Montana and she was ECSTATIC when she tore the gift wrap off the Hanna Montana Back Stage Pass book from Disney. Wow...that girl was jumping up and down on the sofa like a kangaroo. She devoured every page.

Inside the book was a door hanger. I told my oldest son that I should have one like that for my cubicle at work. He rolled his eyes (he's 13, so that happens frequently these days) but he did assist me in the photo op. What do you think?

And a very yummy chocolate cake too:

Hannah's mom cut out a paper plate and decorated the top. Pretty nifty, huh?

I was good: only one piece of cake and one scoop of ice cream.
Hope you had a good weekend!


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

I heart the Cricut! You did a fantastic job too! I've always wanted one of those, but my budget will not allow it. Oh well, maybe I'll hit the lottery one day.

You never told me, how did your wife like the bracelet? xxoo

Mike said...

@Carolyn - Jennifer loves the bracelet! I need to get all the goodies together and take a picture so I can create a blog post. I promise I will.

Thanks again for your kindness!


* TONYA * said...

I love my cricut too. Great project.

Happy birthday to Hannah and a belated Happy birthday to you too :)