Monday, November 10, 2008

My good friend:

Hemming pants

This little baby was VERY busy a couple of weekends ago. And it's going to become busy again. I have some Christmas gift ideas for some special people on my list.

Oh...and did I tell you? I've added another machine to my inventory of "tools"? Yes indeed. I bought myself an early Christmas present. You can see it here.

And, although it's not a super-duper-commercial-grade machine, it works a lot like this one:

Am I a crazy, crafty maniac? I think I am!

But hey, there are lots more pants that need shortened, so this blindstitcher (some people call them blindhemmers) will be a big help.


vanessaann said...

hey, i popped over from simplesparrow. i love your blog. and your etsy shp is great!

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

I last saw one of these machines when I worked at Classic Uniforms. I took a blouse in that my sister bought and the hem fell out of the same day she wore it. The lady who ran the sewing floor put the hem back in and it never came out even after the blouse wore out. I loved it! Wow! What a great deal. Have fun with it. xxoo