Saturday, November 01, 2008

Saturday Sunrise

This was the view I had as I exited the Toll Road this morning on my way to work. Yeah, working on Saturday. It's not so bad! I'm VERY thankful that I have a great job and that I get to work with some really cool people.

Speaking of "thankful", Thanksgiving is on the way, bloggers. So make sure you can find your roasting pans and the turkey baster!

Have a great weekend.

P.S. I'm headed to Michael's after work today -- scrapbook paper is 4 for $1.00! Sale ends today. I recently bought "The Enveloper" and I'm going to try it out this weekend.


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Ooo! I like that enveloper. Wish I had a Michael's near me. Maybe I can find one on eBay. Thanks for the tip. xxoo

* tonya * said...

well blow me over, a crafty dad.

I read a comment you'd posted on Rick's Organized Doodles site so had to come and check you out.

You have a new fan