Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy and Sad

I'm happy to see things starting to green up. The forsythia bushes next to the patio are getting ready to display their annual burst of yellow. The grass is really starting to grow too -- and it won't be long and I'll be firing up the lawn mower.

Forsythia bushes.

Forsythia bushes -- up close.

Speaking of lawn mowers, we went shopping for a new one this past weekend. It seems the good people at John Deere have a great deal going. So...we decided to take the plunge and get a new one. The old one is on it's last leg (wheel). It has served us well over the past several years. This is the year that our oldest son gets to learn how to cut the grass. He says it will be fun. But...when he finds out that it's w-o-r-k, he may have another opinion. We'll see!

Nothing runs like a Deere.

I'm happy for the time we spent two weekends ago with the boys. Give them a hotel with a swimming pool and everything is well with the world. Woo Hoo! We had a great time.

2 Boys + 1 Swimming Pool = A Great Time

I'm sad when I go out to get the newspaper the other morning and find that both tires on the driver's side of my truck have been slashed. After a few choice words, I look across the street and see that the SUV in their driveway has suffered the same fate. What a bunch of crap. Later I find out that a Jeep just a few doors down the street was vandalized too. Lovely. It could have been worse, I know.

Damn! And I just bought them a few months ago!

I hope you're having a great week!


sea mystery said...

As soon as I read your post, I uttered my favorite expression of disbelief ... "Stop It!" ... with my mouth and eyes wide open. What is going on in this world?! I was just reading another blog where she said that the neighborhood kids had drawn graffiti on the side of her house.
I don't think I'll ever understand why people want to be so destructive. Praying you don't go through anything like that again.
Carolyn xxoo

Greenmare said...

what a bummer! You have a good attitude though. Sorry it happened to anyone.