Friday, April 11, 2008

Behind the Eight Ball

Seems to be a popular place: behind the ol' eight-ball. As my blog sub-title exclaims, there is always way too much that I want to get done; and never enough time to get them done.

I spend many of my lunch hours at the thrift shop. And I usually find one or two things that can be re-purposed into something new and unique. After several shopping trips, the raw materials can really pile up. There are lots and lots of things scattered all over the craft corner. And lots and lots of ideas in my head (and some on paper too!).

Now...I just need to carve out some time. Sit down. And do it!

P.S. I found a great (simple) pillowcase pattern that I'll share with you next week. Perfect for making custom pillowcases for the kids.


Stacy A. said...

Mike, I can't wait to see what you come up with with your thrift finds. That stuff you showed last week looks great...those fabrics are nuts eh? You just reminded me of a great pillow case I make sometimes. I usually embroider it but it would be even easier if you sewed it up and let the kids embellish away. Hope your hanging in there during spring cabin fever break, as I like to call it. Take care.

sea mystery said...

You're using the craft corner already? I thought you were at 80%? Well, I guess that's enough to at least get some things done. :) How is "J" doing?
Carolyn xxoo