Monday, December 10, 2007

Stocking Cap for Dad

Stocking Cap for Dad
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Here's what's 'on the hook' right now. My dad has been asking for a stocking cap for quite some time now. So...with Christmas just a few days away (you knew that right? I mean the fact that Christmas is just 15 days away???). As in HOLY COW! I have a lot of gifts to make and wrap.

So dad wants a hat and when I asked him what color he wanted, he said 'green and white'. Well...checking the yarn stash, I had lots of green but no white. And with the goal of using up what I already have, I am making him a hat in this soft green and cream. I think he'll like it.

Now...let's just hope I can find some time to sit down and get it done.

This week is full of Cub Scout meetings, band and orchestra programs, birthday parties and some big school projects (including a time line project for my little guy). Whew! What a week.

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