Monday, December 10, 2007

Son No. 1 Makes Breakfast

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Yes, it's true. My oldest son said he was going to make scrambled eggs for breakfast. And a fine, fine job he did.

Thinking back to when I was twelve, I was cooking, cutting the grass, helping with laundry, babysitting my brother and sister (which is a subject worth a blog post all its own!). was really nice to come downstairs to a plate of scrambled eggs. Just add some ketchup and enjoy.

Thanks Son No.1! You can make breakfast (or lunch or dinner) for me anytime. :-)


micah said...

man, you've almost got me convinced! I may have to get a few of these "kid" things.

How are they with cleaning bathrooms? LOL

Camping Jason said...

Wow, I used to eat ketchup on my scrambled eggs when I was kid... Here's another tasty treat... throw in some leftover spaghetti noodles with the eggs and then put the ketchup on. Yummmmm

Mike said...

Hmmm,I'll have to try that Jason. We're having chili tonite, and I always put some kind of pasta in with it. Chili-Mac, Chili-Elbows, Chili-Spaghetti. You get the idea ...

BTW..I need a pair of knucks. My knitting skills are suck-o, so I'm going to buy an inexpensive pair of knit gloves and cut off the finger tips and give them a finished edge. God...wish me luck on that one.