Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cedar Point Weekend

Dang...it's been a long time since my last post. I've been a lazy little blogger. But...I've also been a bit busy. I won't bore you with the details, okay? Okay!

But I will give you the details on our weekend get-away trip to Cedar Point. (I was telling you about it a few weeks ago, remember?) Well...we had a EXCELLENT time. The weather was perfect: sunny and 75 degrees. A slight breeze off the lake (Lake Erie). It was wonderful. We camped at Light House Point (on the Cedar Point property) and walked and walked and took shuttle busses and walked and walked. Getting the picture? It was a darned good thing we walked all those miles. Because I had a steady diet of burgers and fries and potato chips all weekend. But it was SO worth it.

The boys had a blast. They got to ride all the rides they wanted. And the lines were very short (always a good thing) so waiting was not an issue. Here are some pics:

[One of our favorite roller-coaster rides. Even mom and dad rode this one.]

[Some little person had the pleasure of riding in this all day.]

[The entrance to Camp Snoopy.]

In addition to all the great rides, Cedar Point helps clean out your wallet by playing some games. From the ring-around-the-bottle to the water pistol race, they have it all. And I think we played them all! (Kidding of course.) They all look so easy. Just throw a bean bag at three cans and knock them off the table. Easy, peasy. NOT! But we had to try. And walk away empty handed from that one. But we were successful at the water gun game. Each boy won a stuffed animal and we were all happy campers.

[Games and food. Step right up! ]

[Another favorite ride: the Tilt-a-Whirl. Mom and Dad did not ride this one. Our old stomachs cannot handle all the spinning. We learned that last year!]

[See: a picture perfect day at the park. Not a cloud in the sky.]

[Around and around we go. I got brave and rode this one. Not as bad as I thought.]

[Are you kidding me? We skipped this one.]

[We skipped this one too.]

[Tired of walking?]

[Take a train ride. This one still runs on coal and steam power.]

[Sunset on Sandusky Bay.]

[Another shot (taken during the train ride.)]

[By the end of the day, the bunk looks pretty inviting.]

[Very, very inviting. Especially to a tuckered-out six year old.]

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Stephanie said...

I love that last picture of your son - too sweet!