Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Ghost of Vacations Past

So...I'm going through some old photos on the computer and I found a ton of Walt Disney World vacation photos. The boys are so small. So young. Oh my gosh. I got choked up looking at them. So to avoid that teary-eyed look, I moved along. And I found this one:

[Sea gulls on the umbrella fountain - Cedar Point.]

Since it's 76 degrees outside, I thought this photo was fitting. The sun was shining bright that day and the sun is shining beautifully today, too. Cedar Point has been a favorite vacation and/or long-weekend destination for our family for several years now. This is the "umbrella fountain" in the pool area of the Hotel Breakers. The hotel has some great history. Click here to learn more.

Okay....now back to reality.

P.S. I hope the sun is shining on you today too!

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