Monday, May 14, 2007

Real Simple

More pictures from Mother's Day (using the new camera).

Here's a shot of the deck in front of the park model at the campground/lake. The hostas are really doing well. I love to see their perfectly-shaped, variegated leaves (before the bugs start gnawing on them). The boys have outgrown the little picnic table, but my wife and I can't part with it. We've been hauling it out each spring for many years and summer just wouldn't be summer without it.

With all of the colors in the kitchen sink, I had to take a quick shot. I love the new camera!

Here's another. The sectional plates were a find at WalMart. At 98 cents each, they were a no brainer. And since we couldn't decide on blue, green, yellow or coral...we bought one of each.

[Click on the image above to see the droplets of water. I really, really like the new camera!]

A close-up shot of the hosta.

And, one more!

Yep, sometimes it's the simple things.

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Katie Jean said...

Those hostas are beautiful! I've been wanting to plant some in my yard forever.