Monday, May 21, 2007

Another Member of our Family

Let me introduce you to Hershey. She's one of the four-legged members of our family. Umm, yeah, we also have two rabbits. She's a super-sweet (no pun intended) Chocolate Lab . We love her dearly and she loves us back -- big time.

Here's a picture of her on the deck at the camper. She looks tuckered out, don't you think? Must be all that fresh air My six-year-old shutterbug took this one. Good job dude!

[Hershey at the Lake - Mother's Day Weekend, 2007]

She loves to go camping with us. She nervously paces the floor as we pack the van for the trek to the lake. She is so afraid she'll get left behind. When we reach for her leash, that tail wags so hard you better watch out! She knows exactly what's next: the door opens, she prances out to the back of the van and 'ummmph', she jumps in and sits right down. Let the road trip begin!

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Stephanie said...

My neighbors have two labs - one chocolate and one yellow. Both are very cool and sweet dogs.