Friday, April 20, 2007

Days of the Week

Okay, this may sound a little hokey, but here's a little mind-trick I use on my six year old son to pry his sleepy little butt (and the rest of him) out of bed most mornings. My wife and I really don't like to threaten the little man so we try (oh we try big time) to use positive reinforcement to get him (and his brother) to do things. That's what all of us good parents do, right? Okay....moving right along!

So here are the days of the week:

  • Marvelous Monday
  • Terrific Tuesday
  • Wonderful Wednesday
  • Thankful Thursday
  • Fantastic Friday
Tuesday is also the day he has music class at school so sometimes that helps his feet hit the floor too. And Thursday is "library day" and that is a big help most weeks too. Like his Crafty Dad, he is very fond of books and is an avid reader. Not to brag, but the kid is reading at the highest level for first grade -- in fact I'm guessing it's quite a few levels beyond first grade. I'm sure it's old news to you folks with kids, but let me just tell you that first grade is way different than it was when I was in school. do you get your kids out of bed in the morning? Or are we the only set of parents with this daily problem?

Please....leave a message. And have a fantastic weekend.

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Material Mama said...

I love those ideas for days of the week! I'll have to use them when I return to the classroom this summer.