Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Greek Coin Project

Ah yes, the old Greek Coin Project. A good reason to be crafty.

My oldest son chose to make some larger-than-life-size replicas of Greek coins for his class project. A little bit of clay, some internet research (thank goodness for the internet), a few toothpicks, a warm oven, some craft paint and a good dose of Mom's help, and voila: coins.

The small coin-like object laying right next to the silver coin on the left is actually a little something I baked up. I rolled up a small amount of clay, flattened it into a disc and then used a rubber stamp and a toothpick to create a seashell ornament. I'm thinking of looping some ribbon through the hole and making a book mark. Or ... who knows what? I made several and should take a better picture so you can see the detail. They only took a few minutes and they turned out very nice.

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Bea said...

Totally awesome! I love the bookmark idea! I LOVE a good bookmark and/or Greek coin :o)