Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Warning! Purging Ahead!

The purging process has begun! My wife had the day off and spent a good chunk of time sifting through the cedar closet in the basement. That’s where we’ve accumulated lots of clothes we no longer wear. Some have not been worn in years and they are perfect candidates for the Goodwill bag. Other items belong to my oldest son and are waiting for their turn to be used by his brother (five years younger).

Other items in the closet are: toys (some are going to the trash, some are being saved as “keepsakes” and will be moved to the attic, some may be donated to the pre-school); holiday decorations (most will be kept -- the “worn and torn” will be discarded.)

The closet is also home to my fabric stash. And what can I say about that? “Don’t you touch my fabric stash!” Ahem. I’m sure I can (and will) move some of it out. But where will it go? Into a container to be stored somewhere else? Into the Goodwill bag? (oh, I’m not liking that idea!) Ha! Ha! Ha! Kidding of course. A lot of it could certainly be taken away, moved out, forgotten about. But most of it is good stuff that just needs to be converted from raw material status to WIP to finished goods. All before the Christmas gift-giving season begins. And in case you haven’t looked at the calendar, it will be October in just a few days. Holy cow.

Time. To. Craft.

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