Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Cleaning and Creative-Space Envy

The photo?  Not my space.  Wish it was.  That's the sun room / enclosed porch at the Essenhaus Country Inn in Shipshewana, IN.  We spent a long weekend there a couple years ago.  I love the space:  lots of windows for natural light, white bead-board, wooden floors.  Wow.  THAT would be a great workspace,wouldn't it?

With the revival of my crafty spirit, I've found it necessary to re-evaluate my craft space.  It's not really a 'studio' per se (although that sure sounds nicer and more professional than 'space'). But it IS a dedicated area to me and all my craftiness.

Right now, it's an absolute mess.  Located in a corner of my basement, it's been left untouched for several months.  Spiders, bugs and cobwebs have taken over.  I've piled things on top of piles thinking I'd be back to put them away.  Sometimes that happens.'s time to get serious and get things put away and cleaned up so I have room to work.  Clutter is not good for the creative spirit. 

Speaking of new studios and workspaces, Alicia has a new office/studio and Anna Maria is converting her attic into a new creative space.  Jealous.  That's what I am.  Jealous.  But I'm happy for them.  Can't wait to see Mrs. Horner's space once it's finished.

Okay...I'm off to work.  Have a great day...and make something!

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