Friday, August 06, 2010

Happy Friday!

Hey bloggers!  Another week has flown by.

Still haven't made anything, but I did make a trip to the thrift shop today and found a great deal on some good-looking fabric.  A big bag of it for just $2.19.  Some of it looks VERY promising.  I'm seeing tissue covers, key fobs and lanyards in my future.  Stay tuned.  (But please don't hold your breath, okay?)

While you're waiting (ahem) I thought I'd share four of my summer time favorites.

My two favorite kids and my two favorite veggies.   My youngest son looks like he's being attacked by the Killer Tomato plants....honestly, they have gone crazy with all the rain and humidity we've had.  Typical weather here in Indiana...what can I say?  Now...if all those hundreds of little gems would ripen, we'd have a heyday (and a tummy ache too).

Enjoy your weekend!

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Tim said...

Nice post! I see that you had a great time with your sons. I love it!