Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Away for Too Long

So....this is pretty sad.  I've been away for months.  I won't use the 'I've been busy' line.  Because we're all busy, right?

I guess I've not been in the blogging mood.  That's lame too!

Summer is going by WAY too just a few weeks, the boys will be back in school.  Seems like they just got out.  What is wrong with this picture?

Last week were in Carolina Beach, NC on vacation.  It was heavenly.  We stayed at the same condo as last year.  The weather was HOT (just like everywhere else in the US).  It only rained one evening...and that was a true blessing. We had a great time just doing nothing.  Sat under beach umbrellas and listened to waves crash against the shore and let the breeze put us into 'relaxation mode'.  It was wonderful.

Oh, by the way, Riley has grown up quite nicely.  He celebrated his first birthday last month.  Here are a few photos.

He is still a puppy in many ways.  He is a sweetheart and a big baby.  We felt really bad leaving him at the kennel while we were on vacation.  He did okay....and we called to check on him a few times during our week away.


Mike said...
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Karen June Miller said...

I understand. I had been off and on for this last year. I was getting a little burned out, but not enough to close my blog down. A friend of mine landed on my blog by accident (which is funny because I had sent out emails to her and others announcing new blog posts), and she got excited to start a blog of her own. Her excitement has refueled me!

Good to see you back!

Mike said...

@KJ -- Thanks for the comment. It's good to BE back.

escort said...
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Holly C. said...

Oh, he's sweet! We have a five month old rottie that we have completely fallen in love with-so I can see how it would be hard to leave him.