Monday, January 11, 2010

Two Perfect Books

Yep, they really are PERFECT!

The Perfect Pajama by Kristina Nilsson and Jennifer Pirtle.  [Publisher:  CICO BOOKS; ISBN:  978-1-906525-96-5; List Price:  $19.95].  This keeper is 96 pages long and full of great photos and instructions. AND.. has 21 full-size patterns and templates!  There are patterns for kids, women and men too!  You really need to check this one out.  In addition to the pajama patterns, there's a pattern for a hot-water bottle cover , an eye mask, a cute laundry bag and a pair of "Kasbah Slippers".  The book also includes a techniques section.

Here are some shots of the inside of the book:

The other "perfect" book is by Clare Youngs and is titled The Perfect Handmade Bag -- Recycle and reuse to make 35 beautiful totes, purses and more.  [Publisher:  CICO BOOKS; ISBN:  978-1-906525-81-1; List Price:  $19.95] The book contains 128 pages of great photos, instructions and templates.   Perfect Handmade Bag also has a sewing techniques section.

Here are some of the projects from the book:

I bought my books from Crafter's Choice (the craft book club).  I'm sure you can find these online by doing a bit of searching.

Have fun!

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