Monday, May 18, 2009

Dreaming of a White Memorial Day

White, white and more white!

This is a mini-collage I put together last spring of the beautiful white blooms in our front yard. With such a harsh 2008-09 winter, I'm not sure what we'll see this season. We worked in the yard yesterday and while there's lots of green, I'm not sure we'll have a repeat of last year.

Speaking of weather. Can I tell you how tired I am of temps in the 30s?'s the middle of May and the night-time temperatures have been at the freezing level with lots of frost. We've been dragging in the flower pots each night to keep them safe. Just when you think it's going to stay warm, it happens again. My wife just potted up more flowers yesterday. And (yep) they spent the night in the garage.

Not sure if we'll spend Memorial Day weekend at the lake. We were greeted by a crazy sight when we opened up the park model for the season. The brutally-cold temps over the winter seemed to have wreaked havoc on the vinyl floor. [Photos to come soon.] Let me just give you this visual: the floor looks like someone stood in the middle and took a knife to it. It's cut in pie-wedge shapes from edge to edge. After just putting $800.00 out for car repairs last week, we're not real excited about replacing the floor. But...what are you going to do? My wife and keep saying: It could always be worse.

Have a great week!


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Yes, I understand about the cold weather. We've had hot one day and cold the next. What's up with Mother Nature this year? It's supposed to frost tonight ... here in the 'big harsh.' Can you believe that? Sorry to hear about the lake house floor, hope you can get it fixed for less than you thought. xxoo

A Beaded Affair said...

Boy do I understand the view that can greet you when you open the trailer for the first time in a season. Dreading that moment as it's been two years for us.

Would you come fix my garden by the way??? Please!!!