Friday, March 20, 2009

Son No. 1 Brings Home a Baby

Oh Lord no....not a real baby! It's his weekend project for the HomeEc class all the 8th graders have to take. His name is Samuel and he's a cute little guy. He 'came to life' late this afternoon and was very hungry. DS1 says, "When is he going to stop eating? He's been eating for, like, twenty minutes." LOL! I replied, "Hmmm, babies are like that. You'll just have to see what happens." DS1 rolls his eyes. I'm lovin' it!

Baby Samuel. DS1's Weekend School Project

I think this is an excellent way for teens to find out what a TINY slice of baby care is all about. DS1 has to feed it, burp it, change its pants (that'll be a good one!) and make sure that Samuel's head is supported. Samuel has his own car seat and a makeshift ugly diaper bag.

Baby Samuel after his first feeding.
Ahhhh, I remember those days.

DS1, DS2 and I have a barbershop appointment in the morning. We will have to take Samuel along for the ride. I can just see the funky looks on the old codgers' faces at the barber shop. DS1 is going to be red-faced with embarrassment for sure. is tough sometimes, you know? Me: Oh, I am looking forward to this weekend project with great anticipation. Really, I am. :-)

I'm sure that DS1 will be a great dad.


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

I'm sure Son #1 will power through. After all, he's got 'grandad' to give him some young father tips. :) Keep us posted. xxoo

Gift of Green said...

Sure beats the hard boiled egg I remember having to keep track of when I was in high school! LOL!

Vanessa said...

AHH, I had a hard boiled egg too! it was awful! i think it's a great idea though!