Friday, July 25, 2008

More Vacation Stories

The first night of our vacation, we spent the day at the Toledo Zoo and spent the night at the Hampton Inn at Toledo/Maumee, Ohio. It's a nice motel with an indoor pool (a requirement if you have kids that LOVE to swim as much as our boys do.) We've stayed at this motel on other trips and I highly recommend it. Their free continental breakfast is a tasty perk.

Hampton (owned by Hilton) has done a great job on their signage.
This is the room we stayed in.

My water-bug boys. As much as they are in (under) the water, you'd think they would grow fins and be able to breathe under the water.

Day Two of our vacation was spent on Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island. It's a popular summer spot located on Lake Erie. We rented a golf cart and went all over the place. The Chicken Patio is a great place for lunch. It's our traditional eating spot and this year was no exception. Wine-basted chicken cooked on a grill is the best.

Perry's Victory and International (US and Canada) Peace Memorial on Put-In-Bay Island.


micah said...

Alright!!! Go Lake Erie!

I was just up there - it's very neat. Much different than the lake I remember as a kid. The decline of the big manufaturing on the lakes has been great for nature!

sea mystery said...

Love that graphic on the room. Nice, homey, comforting touch. The guys look like they were having a blast! Hope you and your wife got some water time too. xxoo