Monday, June 23, 2008

Cake Decorating 101

Yes, the old man can still wield a bag of icing. In the old days, I made frosting from scratch (with shortening, powdered sugar, etc., etc.). These days, it's store-bought. But...with a flair. In the old days, the cake came OUT of the cake pan before it was frosted and decorated. These days, the cake stays IN the pan. Damn, I'm getting lazy.

Gotta love the folks at Wilton.
They make some really great tools for decorating a cake.

The "Lego Time" was a very last minute addition.
With some help from the Birthday Boy!

Next time: I'm going to back to the 'scratch' method. Store bought is not even close to homemade. Who would have thought, huh?


sea mystery said...

Cake in a pan ... how very conventional. :) Who doesn't like that? Good idea, little guy, for the Lego theme. xxoo

Michele said...

Happy Birthday, Matt!!