Monday, March 17, 2008

The Luck of the Irish

Happy St. Patty's Day !

Irish or not, it's a good reason to celebrate. Especially since it's Monday and we all know how Mondays can be. Two quick questions for you:

1. Are you wearing green? Cuz if you're not, you get pinched. you remember that one from elementary school? [Funny thing is, I'm 46 and still wore green today. I guess old habits are hard to break!]

2. Are you having Corned Beef and Cabbage, or Irish Stew for dinner tonite? [We're having Hot Dog Stew, in case you care.]

I just KNOW you want the recipe for Hot Dog Stew. So...I'll get it all together and make that a post for later in the week. The suspense is killing you, isn't it? Seriously folks, Hot Dog Stew is tasty, easy to make and my boys love it. Three very, very good things.

BTW: If you Google "Hot Dog Stew" you won't find the version that I have. HA! You'll have to wait. And you'll be glad you did. I'll give you a hint: you'll need a large can of V-8 juice.

Okay...enough for now.

My wife says 'thank you' for all your kindness. She is doing better each day and should get her lab results tomorrow. Hopefully, it's something that can be handled with a prescription. cool that would be!

P.S. I made a trip to the thrift shop today (please don't tell my wife). I found some really great fabric. In fact....I bought 17 yards of floral print fabric (no kidding) for $7.95 (no kidding (again)).


"t" said...

okay, i just found your blog and i am so loving it! the cars tote is fabulous! good job...would it be alright if i added you to my faves? let me know and thanks in advance...t at

Mike said...

T- Thanks for visiting my blog. Of course you can add my blog to your faves. I would be honored. I've already added Purple and Paisley to my Favorite Places.

Stop by any time....

sea mystery said...

Yes, at 55 I still wore the green on SP Day too ... and I know about the pinching. :) I had the Irish Stew yesterday ... our office had the Corned Beef and Cabbage last week. Yes, I would like to know about the hot dog stew ... and I also wanted to know how your wife makes her pizzas (brand name ingredients)and where she got the pans she uses.

Thanks for the update ... glad to hear she's feeling a little better. xxoo

angeljoy said...

gosh, I wish my hubby was haunting thrift stores and buying fabric behind my back! It would save me a LOT of trouble! lol
Love your blog.
Love that a guy is so crafting and obviously loves his family. Hope your wife is doing well and they fix what's wrong.