Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My trusty sewing machine

My trusty sewing machine
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was very busy this past weekend. We hemmed SEVERAL pairs of pants for the boys. And...get this...we even did some C R A F T I N G. No kidding. We actually made some tissue holders and a few Christmas gifts (stocking stuffers).

More to come...


micah said...

man, I'm jealous of that sewing machine! that's a 'Man's' sewing maching for sure.

I think it's time to upgrade!

sea mystery said...

I'm looking into getting a nice machine. Can you advise what you use?
Thanks for your time.

Mike said...

Sea Mystery: The machine in the photo is a Sears Elite. I think it's model No. 365. And...according to the Sears website, it is no longer offered. But there are several others to choose from.

Since they can be a little pricey, make sure you do your homework before purchasing a machine. There are lots of options available these days. Make sure you get what you want!

In addition to this machine, I have other non-electronic machines. My favorite is the Singer 401a. It belonged to my wife's grandmother, and it is fantastic. It's all metal and gear-driven (no belt) and works great. I love it!

sea mystery said...

Mike: Thanks for the info. I've been using an Elgin (not many people have ever heard of one) and I think it's about time for an upgrade. :)