Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday :: Grey

In keeping with JC Handmade's color of the day theme this week, I humbly offer this splash of grey.

Grey. With a touch of gemstones. The boys panned for gold and gemstones during their trip to pick out pumpkins this year. Amazing Acres is just that: amazing. As part of the tradition, my dad accompanied us on the trip. We had a great time. Feeding the goats, laughing at the goats, playing in the 'cornbox' (think sandbox, but instead of sand, it's filled with kernels of dried corn).

My oldest son is making a corn-angel in the cornbox. And my little guy is jumping in to join him (upper left-hand corner). They had a great time that day.


jennifer said...

i love the tumbling grey :-) thanks for joining in my color week!
and the corn angel is a hoot!

micah said...

The corn box is brilliant!!! I want one!

And thank you for reminding me about pumpkin bread. I have a great recipie that I'll have to whip up one night this week.

Amy Herbst said...

Great pic! I ALWAYS wanted to do that (pan for gems)!! My grandma used go to someplace in the NC Mtns. where you can do that. She actually found two gorgeous garnets one time and had them cut and set for my mom and aunt. :)