Friday, November 30, 2007

Mashed Potato Tribute for my Little Guy

My seven-year-old had a bit of trouble yesterday at school. It seems he was buried in a pile of leaves when another student decided it would be fun to jump on him. Oh maybe three or four times on the stomach. Yeah. That's the ticket! if that weren't enough, a second student joined in the fun and jumped on him -- twice. Dang! The behavior of some kids is just a bit more than I can handle.

Let me just say that my wife and I don't pretend to have perfect kids, but I can tell you that they have enough sense and manners that they know right from wrong. I don't think I would find either of my sons in a situation where they would jump on another kid. While I'm on my soapbox...can I just say that the behavior of several school children pretty much amazes me. It seems they can't keep their hands to themselves. And...the 'grown up' language they use is another issue I have. What are their parents teaching them? Or...have I hit the nail on the head with that comment? Perhaps the parents are NOT teaching them. I guess I'll save that for another post.

But...back to the story. wife is at an offsite meeting for the entire afternoon yesterday when the school principal calls and leaves a voicemail message to let her know that our son was in a "situation" at recess but everything is okay. Not so fast..... When my wife picks him up from his after-school program, he tells her that his stomach hurts and that he can't pee. (Oh joy!) When I get home from work, he's complaining that his lower abdomen still hurts. So...the decision was made to take him to the ER to check things out. After an IV and a CT scan, he was allowed to go home. Some bruising, but nothing major. Thank God!

So..."Little Guy", I'm so glad that you're okay. You've had your share of tough times at school this year and I sure hope that things get better for you.

This post is for you buddy! My red-headed, mashed potato eater. Mom and Dad love you very much. And we're sure proud of you!

Hot potatoes in the mixing bowl on Thanksgiving morning.

Ready for the second batch. Love that KitchenAid mixer baby!

My "little guy" licking the bowl and the spatula. He LOVES mashed potatoes. And Hershey does too. See her in the lower right-hand corner? She knows a good thing when she sees/smells one. :-)

Have a great weekend everyone. Give your kids an extra hug.


Sarah and Jack said...

Oh my goodness. What a mess with the kids. (What was that other child thinkng???) said...

urg, I just cannot imagine how much situations like that could break your heart - my kiddies are not school age yet, but the thought of a little terror doing that (and not just by accident) makes me feel sick...who are these parents indeed and or perhaps a better question - when are they going to step up and parent?