Thursday, October 04, 2007

Kitchen Table: Homework, Crafts and Legos

It's true: the kitchen is probably the most popular spot in the house. And the kitchen table, that trusty, multi-purpose surface is a wonderful thing. Tonight we had dinner, did homework, put a Foamies® witch together, drew some Star Wars characters and staged a few Lego photo shoots.

Here, take a look:

Here's the tail end of the homework session. My oldest son wrote a book review at school today and was rewarded with a craft project. So after doing sixty-one (61!) math problems, he was ready for something fun. And what is more fun than some Foamies® cutouts and some glue?

With the glue still sticky-wet, it was time to slide this spooky babe off the table to make room for the ever-popular Star Wars Lego projects. The boys love these things. We recently scored a major set of ships and characters from eBay. It was the pay lode. The best ever. (Until something new comes along, of course.)

I'm not a Star Wars aficionado, but I'm pretty sure this is C3P0 and.....I have no idea who (what) the other guy is. The boys are in bed, otherwise I'd check with them. And yes, another something-or-other ship. (Or $20 worth of plastic.) I'm just sayin!

I think we have a problem here. Like I said, I'm not a pro at this Star Wars stuff. But, I'm pretty sure this car is NOT part of the legend. I see this and think: Star Wars meets Bonnie and Clyde.


Anonymous said...

The little blue and white robot is actually named R2D2. Now I will try to forget that I know that before I have to admit what a geek I am...actually my 21 year old son is the Star Wars nut.


Mike said...

Keri, Oh lord. My kids will shoot me when I tell them I goofed on that. You are SO right: C3P0 is the gold, robot-man. George Lucas would be very upset with me.


Thanks for the clarification!