Tuesday, August 07, 2007

For Dave and Micah

Knitting Again. Woo. Hoo.
Originally uploaded by crafty dad
Ok guys. Here it is: Crafty Dad's attempt to knit. It's slow going, but I'm beginning to get the hang of it. I feel very, very clumsy with the two needles. (A single crochet hook seems so much easier...)

I need to watch and re-watch my knitting video. Tension is a major issue with me. (Both the tension of the yarn and tension in general) LOL! But I shall overcome. I shall become a knitter. I shall. I shall.

Send me some encouraging words.


Camping Jason said...

Looks great so far! Keep it up, you can totally do it. I started with crochet too and switched to knitting. I haven't crocheted in over three years now, so I'm sure that will feel weird if I ever pick it back up again.

micah said...

Good work man! You can do it. It's like anything else, you have to make a bunch of crappy stuff bfore you make something good! (I'm still making crappy stuff...I'll let you know when I come up with something good).

Don't give up man! You can kick that crochet habit!