Monday, July 09, 2007

Wow! What a Week it Was ...

Some of us had to work on the 5th and 6th, so with the Fourth of July being stuck in the middle of the week, it was like having two Mondays (ugg!) and two Fridays (woo hoo!). My wife was able to take some extra time off so she and the boys (and the dog) spent the entire week at the lake.

I stayed home and puttered around the yard -- cut grass, trimmed some overgrown bushes, watered flowers, and other fun stuff. I love the fact that it stays light outside until after 9:00 p.m. It gives me time to get so much done. I hate the fact that we've crossed over into the part of summer where the days have already started to get a tad bit shorter. And once we pass the 4th of July holiday, it seems that summer zooms by and the kids are back in school before you know it.

But let's not get all depressed about that, okay? We had a ton of fun this week. And here are some photos to document that fact.

The hazy sky over the Shipshewana flea market on the 4th. It looked like it could rain any minute ... but it never did. It was perfect 'walking around' and shopping weather.

Some patriotic posies at the campsite.

Flags, flip-flops and crocs. Three summertime staples.
The boys got all decked out for the golf cart parade and
"best decorated cart" contest on Saturday afternoon.

The bike decorating contestants. The kids did a great job!

Sometimes you feel like a nut.
(The walnut tree at the entrance of the campground is FULL of these beauties.)

Or...sometimes you feel like a chocolate cupcake with tons of frosting.
(Thank you Grandma Cook for the scrumptious treats!!)

Have yarn. Will travel.
Crafty Dad crocheting a cotton dishcloth during a spare moment.

The crochet tote. With the two WIPs.
Yes, the tote needs some handles. It came home with us this weekend and is in the 'to do' pile now.

Making good progress on the dishcloth.

Hershey Girl keeping cool in the park model. It hit 96 degrees on Sunday. A scorcher for sure!

I hope you had a great holiday week!

We're busy getting ready for the road trip to the East Coast. Blog posts may be few and far between (and what is different about that?) LOL!

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