Monday, April 02, 2007's been a long, long time.

Yes, almost two months. TWO MONTHS since my last blog entry. Isn't that pitiful?

I've been very, very busy with work and other things during the past several weeks. I promised myself that I would spend my time on what absolutely HAD to get done. No offense, but a blog just doesn't quite fit into that category.

But...I'm back and (hopefully) will be posting much more frequently.

It's spring time here in Northern Indiana....the daffodils and hyacinths are in full bloom. The trees are sprouting their tiny leaves and the grass is growing so fast that it'll need cut by the end of this week. That's a bittersweet moment: the first grass mowing of the season. It starts now and won't end until November. Oh well.

My family just returned from a close-to-home- get-away weekend. I think I only took about three pictures the whole weekend (since we've been there before). Here's the link.

[Essenhaus Inn and Conference Center]

Ok...back to work.

P.S. It's good to be back!

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Stephanie said...

Oh, looks like a nice place! Welcome back.