Monday, April 16, 2007

On My Wish List: Islander Sewing Videos

[Industrial Shortcuts for Home Sewing (left) and Shirts, Etc. on VHS]

My birthday isn't until October, but ... if you're a "plan ahead" shopper, then you'll want to start looking for these. (HINT: You can usually find them on eBay.)

The videos pictured above belong to my local library. I've been watching the Industrial Shortcuts (Parts One and Two on a single VHS cassette) for the past few nights. There are TONS of tips on this video and if you sew at all, I highly recommend that you grab a copy and watch it. It's one of those videos that you watch over and over again, and then say, "I want that. I need that." Surfing eBay I've come across these gems a few times. But, I'm a tight-wad and don't want to spend much for them. That's why I think they would make a perfect gift -- for me.

Assuming that you make your own shirts, The Shirts, etc. video (two VHS cassettes) is also great. I made matching shirts for the boys a few years ago for a trip to Disney World. (I'll have to dig up a picture.) I knew there would be lots of photo opportunities and while it's a tad bit trite (I know, I know) I wanted some pictures of the boys in their matching shirts.

Making shirts was a bit daunting at first. There are several pattern pieces, interfacings, button holes and buttons. And some of the techniques are WAY different than your run-of-the-mill sewing. And, since I seem to always be in a hurry (so many things to do, so little time to get them done) I goofed and had to rip and re-do a few times. And, (once I find the photo) if you look really close, you'll see that one of shirts has the pocket sewn on upside down. I mean, the opening is at the top, but the pattern of the fabric is running the wrong way. Oh well.

So...go online to your library's website and reserve these videos. You won't be disappointed.

Here's the link to the official Islander Sewing website.

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