Monday, April 09, 2007

More Easter Preparations

Water + vinegar + color tablets + 9 coffee mugs + eggs = F.U.N. !

[Note: Son No. 2 on the right is not six feet tall.
When you're small, a kitchen chair is a handy thing.]

As always, the boys had a good time coloring eggs this year. But...a word of warning. My wife picked up the egg coloring kit at Target this year. Nine colors seemed like a great deal. Well...we were slightly disappointed. The instructions said to NOT add vinegar to three of the colored tabs. There was a packet of three tablets and a packet of six tablets in the kit. We assumed the packet of three contained the colors that were supposed to be sans vinegar. We were wrong! So...there were a few colors that turned out horribly. We will never buy the Dudley brand again. I guess when your name has "D-U-D-" in it, it means something. It was truly a dud.

But...we overcame the obstacles and still had a successful time as you can see from the eggs in the photo.

P.S. I searched the web for the kit we used, and CANNOT find it. I found several other kits by Dudley, but not the one with the nine color tabs. Hmmmm, maybe Target got a good deal on these crappy things.

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