Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Easter !

Hey everybody...wishing you all a happy Easter weekend. Have a great time with the kids - coloring Easter eggs, hiding Easter eggs, and finding all the eggs you hide. We're going to have a fairly quiet day. My wife and boys will be sharing Easter dinner with my dad (who is doing SO GOOD these days).

We're coloring eggs tonite. And I'm baking the traditional lamb cake. The cake pan set is apparently no longer available from Wilton, but here's the instruction sheet. The boys will get their Easter baskets on Sunday, but we're cutting back on the candy. Too much of a good thing!

My Easter treat this year comes in the form of a vintage Singer sewing machine. Yes, I was at the thrift shop earlier this week (with NO pre-conceived ideas, mind you). I was leaving I saw what appeared to be a sewing machine case on a table. So I just HAD to go look. And I looked. And I took! Here's a picture and review of this model from It's a beautiful Singer Model 237-MA. Made in Italy of all places. I took it home and fired it up. I adjusted the bobbin tension and it works like a charm. It is flawless. No scratches, no dings. Amazing! And it weighs a TON. It's all metal except for the part that covers the head. I'll try to get a few pics of it posted soon. What a find!

Have a great weekend.

UPDATE: Click here for more on the sewing machine, including a photo.


Toni said...

what a cool old machine you found! you're brave, i think i have too many memories of my mom fighting with her tension for me to take a chance on an old machine! i'm so happy it's working out for you.

Mike said...

Toni....brave? No...just a sucker for vintage machines. :-) I spend minimal amounts on these things, so if they don't work out, it's not a big deal.