Saturday, February 03, 2007

Episode 2 - Crafty Dad Podcast

Click to download Episode 2 of The Crafty Dad Podcast.

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Today's Craft - Valentine's Day Key Chain:

Materials Needed

Step One: Drill a small hole in the right-hand 'shoulder' of the heart. The hole needs to be large enough to pass the ribbon, string, etc., through it.

Step Two: Make sure the edges are smooth, the drilled hole is cleaned out and then paint the entire heart red. Those hands in the picture are my six-year old son's -- showing how it's done.

Step Three: Tie the ribbon around the split-ring.

Step Four: Tie the loose ends of the ribbon to the heart.

The Finished Product!
Super Easy! Super Fast! Super Kid-Friendly. This makes a great craft project for a Cub Scout Den Meeting, Brownie Meeting, or just some fun 'craft time' at home with the kids. And Mom will really appreciate this a sweetheart of a Valentine's Day gift. :-)


Stephanie said...

Thanks for the tutorial (and the podcast). Very cool!

Material Mama said...

Very clever ideas! I love the "Ideas in my head" comment. I have a lot of those too.

Thanks again for joining the podcastosphere!