Thursday, January 25, 2007

Crap. Crap. Crap.

I'm telling you it just isn't fair. I cannot get a damned (crafty) thing done these days. Work is extra crazy right now, and by the time I get home, eat dinner, spend a few minutes with the boys and the wife, I am out of energy. It's crazy. I'm too young to poop out like this. Really.

All day long I think and dream of all the cool stuff I want to get done when I get home. And it just ain't happening. It's frustrating to say the VERY least. My mystery project is not a big deal, but damn, I wanted to get it done. I wanted to take a nice picture of it. I wanted to show you what I did. It's all part of my New Year's resolution to be a better crafter. To post daily entries on my blog. To create. To be creative. To turn ideas into finished objects. Is that so wrong?

Grrrrrr. Ok. I guess I'm finished with the whining. Well....maybe. Ok...I'm done. No really, I am. Seriously.

Stay tuned. I swear I will get one or two things done and show you that I can overcome this lazy-butt attitude. And, just to keep you updated, I think I finally figured out how to knit and purl. Amazing, huh? I'm telling you. It's the t.r.u.t.h. I will post a photo of my little swatch to proove it. :-)

In the meantime....get crafty and make something.

P.S. I added a couple new links [Adam Knits, Brooklyn Tweed, Cast-On and Fig and Plum to My Favorite Places. They are all fiber-art related sites and I am pleased to have them as part of the blog. Go look!

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