Sunday, December 10, 2006

Projects and Thrift Store Finds

My five-year-old son is working on a Christmas tree project. (Dad is helping). We'll sew this up into a little pillow when we're all done with the "backstitching" as the boys call it.

My oldest son is working on holly and berries. As you can see, he's just getting started. It seems playing video games are way more fun than making Christmas gifts. There are times that I threaten to take all the televisions and video games out of our house. Have you ever had that thought? Oh, for the simpler times!

Prototype pencil pouches in felt.

A peek inside. This one needs modified. It looks really nice now, but once the pencils become shorter, it will be tough to get them out of the pouch. But hey...that's why this is a prototype.

Some thrift store finds. Big, big hoops and small, small prices.


Betriska said...

LOVE the pouches! They would make good Knitting needle cases, too!

Are you doing the embroidering? Love it! And the thrift store finds ... fabulous!

Mike said...

Bea - I'm 'helping' the boys. I was shocked at how well my five year old picked up the technique. He wants his tree to be whipped up into a little pillow. It's a "surprise" Christmas gift for his mom. :-)