Saturday, November 18, 2006

Weekend Warrior

It's the weekend. Woo Hoo! And it's time to get all those things done that didn't get done during the week. Sound familiar? We'll be grocery shopping, taking Holiday wreaths to the cemetary, cleaning house, doing laundry, and (hopefully) making a quick trip to Hobby Lobby to grab the winter edition of Cutting Edge magazine [Hillary, from Wee Wonderfuls is featured in this issue] and get some yarn (it's on sale).

Speaking of yarn. Here's why I don't think knitting is my cup of tea:
(the photo quality is about the same as the knitting quality -- poor!)

And here's why I prefer crochet:

(Just a swatch - I like this pattern)

Here's another reason:

(Dishcloth I finished last night)

And in non-yarn-related news, here are some WIPs:

(The two on the right are actually 99% complete)

Okay...time to get moving on today's tasks.

Have a good day!


=Tamar said...

Was your first crochet attempt perfect? And it looks like you're doing garter stitch. Stockinette is actually much easier. Finish the thing (or just bind it off and call it an art piece) and cast on for another; it'll be better now that you have some practice.

Stephanie said...

I've often heard that if you crochet first and then start knitting that you will always prefer crocheting (and vice versa). Looks like it might be the case. Keep up with the knitting - I just love to see more pictures.
- Stephanie @