Wednesday, November 22, 2006

'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving ...

...and all through the house there was food, food and more food!

:: Making Cranberry Relish ::

I started with cranberries.
And added a few other ingredients.

The turkey in the family room kept an eye on me the whole time I was cooking.

:: My Wife's Wonderful Pumpkin Bread ::

Pumpkin breads in the oven.

Pumpkin breads out of the oven.

Let me know if you want the recipe for either the Cranberry Relish (it's easy) and/or the Pumpkin Bread (super, super yummy).

:: Gather 'round the Table ::

The kitchen table ... where homework, bill-paying, breakfast, lunch, dinner and a hundred other things take place. Here are a couple photos of a quiet time (pretty rare event).

Whew! It's 11:37 p.m. And to all a good night!

~-~-~-~-~- Happy Thanksgiving! ~-~-~-~-~


Stephanie said...

I just found your blog and love it! It is so nice to see a dad out in blog land, and a crafty one at that!

Stephanie said...

By the way, you can find me, Stephanie, from the above comment at

Mike said...

Thanks Stephanie! Crafty. Dad. That's me.

sea mystery said...

Hi Mike,
Found you through Alicia's website.
Yes, I would appreciate the cranberry relish AND the pumpkin bread recipe. Need some new ones to spice things up next year.
Thanks so much. Carolyn