Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"Oh the weather outside is" .... really warm!

The weather has been totally un-seasonal here in northern Indiana. We took advantage of the 60 degree temps and did some more outdoor Holiday decorating. It was a also a great day for picture taking. I'm trying to learn more about my "old" digital camera. I see so many really great photos on the blogs I visit. There are some very multi-talented folks out there. And I applaud you! Here are some shots of various trees and bushes that live in our yard.

Here's my youngest son (in the yellow jacket, sitting under the fort). He's busy whittling a stick using his new Cub Scout pocket knife. Speaking of Cub Scouts: I was SO proud of him last night. We had a Pack Meeting and toward the end of snack time, one of the boys thought he'd play a little joke and knock off the Scout cap one of the other boys was wearing. Well...in doing so he caused the boy to spill his drink all over the floor and all over his shirt. Here's the cool part: My son ran to the back of the room to grab a roll of paper towel, brought it over and started mopping up the floor! I was (am) a very proud father! He had nothing to do with the incident but wanted to help. On the way home I told him how proud I was of him, to which he replied, "Well, Dad, that's what Cub Scouts do." You bet it is! Love ya buddy!

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Dave Daniels said...

That's a really cute story about the paper towels.
I remember my first pocket knife. That can be dangerous. Not because they can be sharp. They can lead to power tools and extreme furniture building. Pocket knives are the crack of tools. lol I started with a little red Cub Scout pocket knife, and I was building soap box derby cars, and then furniture before I knew it!

Bea said...

Wow! What a FABULOUS play place! And your GRASS!!! It's so GREEN!

I'm thinking 'somebody' has had a good example set for him! Good job, Dad!

Stephanie said...

Your son sounds like one great kid. Thanks for sharing your photos. The weather here in NJ has been pretty nice too!

Stephanie said...

That's me above, Stephanie @ www.mesocrafty.wordpress.com

Paul said...

We've had great weather in upstate NY as well. It will make the winter that much more a kick in the head.

Great kid you've got there. He must have a great role model - Dad!