Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Knitting Update -- Frustration Has Set In


Well, this knitting ‘thing’ is NOT going as planned. I’m an intelligent guy. I catch on to things very quickly. So when I got the hair-brained idea to learn how to knit, I figured it would go very smoothly. Ha! Wrong-o!

I’ve read books, viewed on-line videos from http://www.knittinghelp.com (lots of times), viewed two DVDs from the library and I still don’t have it down. Good Lord! Can it be that difficult? [By the way, knittinghelp.com is a FANTASTIC site. Very well done.]

Dave from Dave Daniels Cabin Cove has given me lots of advice. (Thanks Dave!) I think I need needles that are a bit smaller than the 10-1/2s I’m using. And….I need to use some better (wool) yarn. I had tried acrylic (yuck) to start with. That stuff just became “fuzz” after a few lame attempts at stitching and un-stitching. So then I tried cotton. No better. It also appears that I have a lot to learn about yarn tension. The cotton started to un-ravel in no time, which did not help matters either. So…it’s back to the craft store for some wool. I saw some nice Patton Merino Wool at Michael’s this past weekend. Perhaps a trip back there is in order. I swear I’m going to learn how to do this and do it correctly…and do it well!

Nothing else crafty from this blogger. Unless you count the Cub Scout badges I sewed on my son’s shirt last night. We used Badge Magic™ and that works for a while. But there’s nothing like a good sewing machine stitch to keep those babies in place. Trust me: they ain’t going anywhere!

That’s all for now. ::heavy sigh::

P.S. Oh! Wait! I DID do something crafty over the weekend. I made clay "buttons" to use as bookmark doo-dads. They will make nice little 'fill-in' gift items for Christmastime. I'll post a pic when I get off my butt and take a pic. ;-)

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Dave Daniels said...

Yay for you for trying, and for giving it a go. It IS a little tricky at first because there are a number of places that things can go wrong: Eyes to brain, brain to hands, hand sto needles and yarn. You are trying to do something that is new to you. Just go slow and follow along. It WILL click.
Use your camera and show us what/where you are having trouble. We're as determined to help you as you are to learn.