Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Dishin' and Fishin'


I found these at the thrift store today and could not resist. They have no markings on the bottom, but I thought the pattern was really sweet, so I bought them. Later, on eBay, I found some for sale...supposedly vintage 60's. Not sure if I'm going to sell them or use them as soap dishes for some homemade soap we'll be making as Christmas gifts this year. I'm thinking I'll keep them.


My uncle (on the right) had promised my oldest son (on the left) that he would take him fishing last summer. But like so many things....time got away and well...Nate did not get a chance to fish last year. So...this year, while we were at the cousin's birthday party last weekend, my uncle made good on his promise. Nate was ecstatic. He ended up catching 14 bluegills. Wow....what a great time! They were just baby fish, but still.....14 fish in about an hour. What a hoot!

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